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Our Services

Agent Sales Training

4 hours per month divided up however they would likeLearn sales process, how to market yourself, and dominate your industryThere will be Top professionals in the industry jumping in on this training to assist!Calls recorded and recording provided to the client

Cost $2800

Real Estate Wholesaling Course

6 Week Course one hour weekly Calls are recorded and provided to clientLearn multiple marketing strategies to find ideal propertiesHow to do your due diligence on a property to avid bad deals and lose moneyLean the wholesale process / negotiation process with owners in order to get the best dealHow to put together appealing offers to your sellers and buyersHow to construct a buyers list

Cost $5700

Lien Abatement Mastery Course

4 week course on hour weeklyCalls Recorded and provided to clientLearn about this overlooked investment acquisition strategy How and where to find properties for pennies How this can be beneficial to you and the communityPutting the deal together and closing it

Cost: $7500

Fix and flip to flip and fix your income course

6 week course one hour weeklyFinding profitable propertiesHow to procure leads on potential flipsWhat to look for when inspecting properties to determine a properties potential as well as property funding potentialThe least expensive way to get most out of your investmentNetworking with “investor-friendly” Real Estate Agents/ WholesalersAnalyzing COMPS, Calculating ARV, Expected Profit and ExpensesObtain Hard Money FinancingHow to pitch your real estate deal to Hard money lendersCalls are recorded and provided to client

Cost: $6500

Connect with True Life Real Estate

Our deal is to ensure that you get access to the most advanced training when it comes to real estate and make sure you are successful.

    Coming Soon-Real Estate Investment Fund

    We will be opening a real estate fund where you can partner with True Life Real Estate and get monthly returns on your investment! This Fund will only be available to accredited investors.