Why Work with True Life Ventures?

What makes us different than most entrepreneurs selling their courses is that instead of giving the strategies to you, we get directly involved in our clients situation, learn where they are, find out what end result they want, and strategize with them to develop a plan that can be effectively executed within their means. Not only are we strategizing with them but we are keeping them accountable. When strategizing with our clients we identify their targets and goals and create an accountability calendar to check in and ensure they are hitting their target to get them closer to the overall goal. This is huge for someone seeking self help or business consulting because many individuals tend to buy courses then never do anything with them.

  • Clients are our number 1 Priority
  • We have worked very hard to gain connections in various industries from lead generation companies, ad agencies, public relations
  • We create convenience for our entrepreneurs
  • We bring clients to their goals with real results
  • We do what we say and practice what we teach others to do
  • True Life Ventures is "the one connection network to building a business" that will bring ingenuity, clarity, effective strategizing, accountability, and convenience to the marketplace.

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