Our Purpose

Founded in 2020

The purpose within True Life Ventures is to bring a perspective of how to gain results rather than what gains results. The motivation behind going this route began with a realization that many big players in the game sell you on what they did in order to make it. Not everyone has the same tools, resources, or financial abilities that someone else has. True Life Ventures is a life coaching, business consulting, one-stop-shop for young entrepreneurs and business owners, or in other words what I like to call "the one connection network to building a business".

    The One Connection Network

    Creating convenience in the marketplace by allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to go to one place to get things done rather than having to go down various avenues to get things done for their business.


    Currently have 37 top entrepreneurs we are working with as well as about 60 connections in various industries.  We have worked very hard to gain connections in various industries from lead generation companies, ad agencies, public relations and really almost anything you can think of.


    Connections in PR, promotion, ad agencies, lead generation companies, software companies, hard money lenders, content creation, social media agencies, marketing agencies, venture capitalist, Apparel & accessories, financial services, and many more connections


    Our number one priority is our client's results. That's why this is so important to our business model. The second biggest thing that we will be doing is creating convenience for our entrepreneurs! "The one connection network to building a business" is exactly what it sounds like.

    True Life Ventures is "the one connection network to building a business" that will bring ingenuity, clarity, effective strategizing, accountability, and convenience to the marketplace.

      True Life Ventures Reviews

      "Michael was amazing to work with. All of his ideas were great and he was very informative through the whole process. He assisted me in further developing my online shop by helping me reach my target audience through advertising and SEO. Additionally, his strategy to price competitively to similar shops and be upfront about shipping guaranteed more views to result in a sale. Over the past year, I increased my views by 211% and sales by 443%. I would highly recommend working with Michael."
      Emma Brinker - Childcare Provider
      "Working with Michael has allowed me to exceed my goals in my side business (around $2500-3500 a month). Michael is always readily available and it’s clear that the success of his clients is his top priority. I’d highly recommend Michael to anyone that is seeking to exceed their expectations!!"
      Jeffrey Stanaford - Teacher, Miami Dade County Public Schools
      "I started working with Michael when I decided to start my T-shirt and sticker company. Michael has provided sales and business strategies that allowed me to produce an extra 6K each month. His insights on how to implement my personality into my products and leverage that to target my ideal clients has been a game-changer!!"
      Jacob Cook - Pre-Fab Welder at Jeffords Steel and Engineering
      "Michael has helped me tremendously in LIFE and business. Before Mike, I was not getting the results I needed even after getting trained by others. Mike's approach was different it felt like he really did want me to succeed SHORTLY after his coaching my sales increase. Definitely change my way of thinking."

      Brandon Li - District Manager for Central Long Island Top Retail Solar Team

      Are you ready to live your True Life?

      True Life Ventures has the opportunity to make an impact in the marketplace since we are bringing something to the table which has high value and demand and has not been done before.