When strategizing with our clients we identify their targets and goals and create an accountability calendar to check in and ensure they are hitting their target to get them closer to the overall goal. This is huge for someone seeking self help or business consulting because many individuals tend to buy courses then never do anything with them. The purpose within True Life Ventures is to bring a perspective of how to gain results rather than what gains results. The motivation behind going this route began with a realization that many big players in the game sell you on what they did in order to make it. Not everyone has the same tools, resources, or financial abilities that someone else has.


True Life Ventures offers one on one and group coaching to help clients, individuals and businesses to solve their problems and get them on the road to financial freedom. Every coaching session is virtual on zoom and is recorded so clients can have a copy to reference back to.

One on One Coaching

1 Month $3200 | 3 Month $7500 | 6 Month $12,000 | 12 Month $20,000
A minimum of 4 hours of coaching per month. Every month clients will get an hour and half prep call to evaluate progress and make adjustments to strategy. One on one coaching includes a client accountability calendar.
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Group Coaching

Cost $997
2 hour virtual group coaching on various subjects. Coaching topics will be announced in the calendar for clients to choose coaching of their choice. Coaching's are recorded and sent to clients to reference back to.
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True Life Coaching Certification

Life Coach Certification $5000-Business Coach Certification $5000

(8 Week Certification Process)

Life/Business Coach Certification $8,500

(12 Week Certification Process)

2 hour virtual training per week. Handbook provided. Every call will be recorded and the client will receive recording to reference back to.
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Company Sales Training

Major Topics Covered

- The Mechanics of Sales
- Cold Calls/ Inbound calls
- Prospecting
- Handling Objections
- The Sales cycle/ system
- Creative follow up
- Understanding your buyer
- Closing/ Negotiating
- Personal Mindset

Gain access to the most up to date, the most innovative, the most practical and applicable sales training on the market.  Expect the latest information and techniques to increase sales for your business.

Company Sales Training

2 Hour Intensive

$7500 Under 100 Sales People 
$12000 Under 100+ Sales People 
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3 Month Company Sales Training

4 hours per month divided up to 2 hours biweekly

$35K Under 100 sales people
$55K 100+ sales people
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6 Month Company Sales Training

4 hours per month divided up to 2 hours biweekly

Included weekly 45 minutes sales team meeting

1 on 1 in person training

$65K Under 100 sales people
$95K 100+ sales people
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12 Month Company Sales Training

4 Hours per month divided up to 2 hours biweekly

x5 45 minute sales team meetings per month(every week + extra)

Two times per year in person training (on location)

Each employee will receive sales training handbook

Each employee will receive access to any sales related webinars True Life Ventures conducts during the 12 months

$115K Under 100 sales people
$165K 100+ sales people
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Additional Services

Build Business Plan / Projections - $850
True Life Facebook Networking Group $50/Month or $500/Year
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Life Coaching Categories in Depth Explanation

Explore True Life Ventures Life Coaching Categories and see if one of these matches your needs.


In order to identify goals we will dive deep into what it is that they want to achieve and the reasoning why they want to achieve it. Defining a vision for success is defining why they want to achieve that specific goal. Defining the why will allow us to verify if this is a true goal or not.

Growth Plans

The way we create professional and personal growth plans is by understanding their goals, the reasons why they want to achieve them, understanding their positioning financially, mentally, and physically they formulate a plan within means that will allow them to effectively execute.

Limiting Beliefs

The way we identify limiting beliefs is by identifying why the individual believes he/ she is not currently in their desired position. Once we identify the story that the individual is telling themselves we begin to remove those limiting beliefs by cultivating a strategy that allows them to obtain small wins at first which will allow them to immediately see results and begin to remove their limiting beliefs.

Financial Independence

The way we coach for individuals to work toward financial independence is by once again looking at the financial goal, understanding the current financial situation, then designing a plan that identifies their targets and goals which we then keep them accountable for.

Work/Life Balance

Coaching in regards to obtaining work/ life balance starts with identifying what's most important to that individual. Once identified we work on the individuals daily schedule and create a routine focused on time management allowing them to be more effective in the areas desired.

Communication Skills

To coach on effective communication the number one thing we begin with in getting the individual to read more. We will have them read and also word clear to make sure they fully understand the meaning behind what is being said which will greatly impact their vocabulary. Just knowing that they have the ability to understand what they are saying will instill confidence which will help when we reach the public speaking part of this coaching.

Networking Skills

In order to develop a network with more powerful connections professionally and personally we will go over strategies you can use in order to stand out and grab their attention. We coach on places you can find your ideal connection as well as how to greet, introduce, and properly use a hook to get them intrigued. We also go over strategies you can use to obtain connections virtually through DM’s, Emails, Facebook Groups, Etc. and what to say to gain the connections.

Career Advancement

If the individual is working for someone and they are trying to get a promotion we will share with them a strategy that won't get them an immediate promotion but yet almost assured promotion. We will show them how to approach the decision maker, plant the seed for a future promotion and coordinate with the decision maker a plan that if they hit certain benchmarks at a later point they can seriously discuss a promotion.

Fitness/Weight Loss

To achieve fitness goals we identify the goal, create a schedule that takes consistent action on hitting targets so that each day they get closer to achieving the end goal. We keep the client accountable and also have checkpoints throughout the coaching. We will even get our client a personal trainer for assistance if needed.

Business Development

Coaching on Starting a business or growing an existing one we dive deep into the industry, identify major issues that can be improved. Once identified we look at their business and see how we can correlate solutions to these major issues into their business in order to help with sustainability and scaling. We also go in depth in regards to what they are good at and what they are not. We power down on what they are good at and either train them on what needs work or if needed get them assistance through third party connection.

Life Transitions

This is something big that many individuals have a problem with. When a big event happens in their life whether personally or professionally they are overwhelmed with emotions and let those emotions dictate their thinking from that point forward. We coach on how to manage your emotions so that moving forward from that big event you can continually make the best informed decisions.

Core Values

This is one of the most important things in life. Whether applying to your personal life or business core values is what makes and individual them. The first thing we do here is find out what is of most value to them and see how it is currently implemented in the everyday lives already. To be more effective in implementing them in their lives we help strategize ways that allow the individual to attract the people and things that support their core values and further distance anything that doesn’t align.
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Business Coaching Categories in Depth Explanation

Explore True Life Ventures Life Coaching Categories and see if one of these matches your needs.

Financial Literacy

Understanding the game of moneyOrganizational financial literacy (employees)

Organizational Structure

Organizational RolesEffective productivity within positionsHow to create a shared vision within departmentsOrganizational culture (Building a culture)

Company Vision

How to identify the why (purpose) for the organization How to portray to individuals within the organizationHow to set ethics and integrity within the organization


How to network and monetize How to network and create opportunity

Business Planning

Building a business modelPutting together a pitch if trying to obtain a loanHow to pitch an investor (identifying your purpose and cultivating a hook to grab investors/ target audience attention)

Public Speaking

How to monetize through public speakingHow to get booked for eventsCreating a captivating story in your talk

Sustainability and Scaling

Creating revenue projectionsHow to ensure a stable stream of income Strategizing a scaling planImplementing sustainability and scaling plans


How to be an effective leaderBe a leader not a bossHow to identify problems within the organizationHow to deal with problems in the organization

Business Development

Organizational strategiesDepartment strategiesEmployment strategiesSustainability strategiesScaling strategiesSales strategiesMarketing/ Targeting audience strategiesPurpose strategies


Sales process | GreetingQualifying | PitchingClosing | Handling objectionsMindset | Confidence Identifying objections Isolating objections | Sales Scale

Employment / Recruitment

Hiring/ FiringFinding great people with the same visionProductivityEmployee Satisfaction


Your vision/ mission (why/ purpose)Ethics and integrityGoals and targetsHow to be a leader not a boss
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